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Origin: Transformed
Real Name: Danette Reilly
First Appearance: Justice League of America #193 [DC Comics August 1981]


Prowess 3
Coordination 5
Strength 3
Intellect 5
Awareness 4
Willpower 5

Stamina 9
Determination: 1


Martial Arts
Science (Vulcanology)


Fire Control 8
       Absorption (fire)
       Affliction (heat)
       Aura (fire)
       Blast (fire)
       Fire Shapes


. Rich daughter of steel tycoon.
. Secret identiy: world renowned expert on vulcanology.
. Hatred: Danette hates the Japanese.

Points: 70


Danette Reilly was the daughter of steel tycoon “Emerald Ed” Reilly and the sister of Rod Reilly, who was secretly the costumed crimefighter known as Firebrand. She was also once the lover of the brilliant atomic physicist Terrence Curtis. Danette became a vulcanologist, and in December of 1941 went to study a volcanic island that had just appeared north of the Hawaian islands.

There, she was captured by Per Degaton and his allies, who were using the island as their base. While fleeing through a cavern on the island, Danette was struck by a mystical bolt hurled by Degaton’s ally Wotan, which surrounded her with a strange green aura, and fell into a vat of artificial lava Degaton has placed there. She mysteriously survived, and Degaton was defeated by the Justice Society of America and other heroes, all of whom became the first members of the All-Star Squadron.

Danette learned that her brother, Rod, who had joined the Navy, had been seriously wounded in the Japanese sneak attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. In New York City, Danette used a key that Rod had left to his friend Slugger Dun to open a secret closet in his penthouse. There she found Rod’s Firebrand costumes and a letter to her revealing his double identity. Intrigued, Danette made a costume for herself out of one of her swimming suits and one of her brother’s Firebrand costumes. Then she discovered by accident that she could create fire by gesturing, apparently as a result of what happened on Per Degaton’s island. Danette became the new Firebrand and joined the All-Star Squadron.

In early 1942, the new Firebrand was captured by Terrence Curtis, who had become the superpowered criminal Cyclotron. Learning that Firebrand was Danette, Curtis confessed to her that he was being forced to serve the evil Ultra-Humanite, in order to save his infant daughter’s life. After Curtis’ heroic death, Firebrand and the Atom (Al Pratt) took it upon themselves to make sure that Curtis’ daughter, Terri, was raised properly.

Converted characters, most of the times, unavoidably exceeds the 45-point limitation that the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game core book recommends. Character revised according to rules presented in ICONS Great Power book. Streamlined, once again, according to ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition.
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