Another piece of realia which many of comic book readers wouldn't mind to have, Miraclo pills tend to appear here and there as Internet memes, to represent a plethora of chemical solutions from flu to laziness. With the advent of political correctedness, some authors had to turn the pill into something more discreet in comics, to avoid negative comparisons with other forms of chemical addiction


Alteration Device 7 {Incredible}
       Ability Boost [Extra: Boost Two - Coordination and Strength]
       Damage Resistance

Origin Story

A special form of Phosphorus temporarily bonds with the ATP in muscle cells. This creates "Adenosine Quad-Phosphate", the energy from which is released to grant the user various abilities (see above). The effect lasts for about an hour, and the waste toxins generated are usually eliminated from the bloodstream within twenty four hours. It was created by the chemist Rex Tyler.

After Rex Tyler found a passion for chemistry, he landed a job as a researcher for Bannerman Chemicals. Through accidents and discoveries, Rex came to create the "Miraculous Vitamin" that would grant a group of test mice abilities that far exceeded the norm. Using it on himself, Rex found his own capabilities to extended to near superhuman levels, but only for one hour at a time. Realising the potential of Miraclo, Rex decided to keep this discovery to himself.

Rex Tyler's son, Rick Tyler, took Miraclo to become the second Hourman. He became dangerously addicted to the chemical for a time and even contracted Leukemia from prolonged exposure to the drug. It was Matthew Tyler, an android from the future (that later becomes the third Hourman), that cured Rick of his disease and helped him control his use of Miraclo. Rick developed a way to use Miraclo in a non-pill form by pressing a button in his suit that secretes Micralo into his skin, still giving him powers for one hour.

A fun idea, although not politically (or healthily) correct, the Miraclo pills were modernly retconned to be a solution for muscular dystrophy, which would make it much more valuable. In a medium full of chemical enhancements (Venom, anyone?), Miraclo tended to be useful only for the Tylers, though.


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