Powers and Stunts: Omnibus!

The ICONS Great Power and ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition books have almost everything you need to play well, in terms of powers. But the gamer in me loves to push the boundaries, chiefly when I'm trying to replicate what I've read in comics. This shifting space (come back often!) will  present the stunts that we don't usually see in the official books. 

Feel free to add yours, critique and evaluate.

Crystal Control

Control. You can create a crystal substance from nothing or rearrange the molecular bonds of normal substances into a crystal matrix of great strength. You can transform any material into a gemlike substance with hardness equal to their power intensity. Crystal can be formed in any shape you desire. You can create 1.50 meters square of crystal per power intensity in a single round. If this power is used on a living target, inherent safeguards leave that target in a state of suspended animation; all life functions temporarily cease, but the target remains aware of its condition and surroundings. A crystallized life form must remain intact if the process is to be reversed. If the crystallized life form is shattered, the transformation is permanent.


Crystal Shield: You create a shield that can block multiple attacks with a material strength equal to the power's intensity. Attacks that get through shatters the shield but don't damage you.

Crystal Slide: You hero skate on ramps of crystal that allow Flight 1 while in Extended distance of the ground. You cannot make quick turns or stops, but with supports can cause the ramp to rise. Crystal slides are permanent, unless the hero doesn’t want it.

Crystal Weapons: You can create a melee weapon of crystal  with a material strength equal up to +6 intensity and a damage bonus equal to its material strength.

Encasement: With a successful Crystal Control (Coordination) test, you can solidify a foe so that he or she cannot move. The target may make an average Strength test to break free; otherwise, he or she will have to wait till the crystal melts away.

Resistance to Light (Attacks): You gain Resistance to Light, only for its attacks, because you use crystal to scatter light and reduce intensity by the power’s intensity.

Sharp Shard Spray: You create sharp shards of crystal that you can shoot up to Extended distance. These missiles cause  damage equal to the power's intensity.

General Stunts

Blast: Seeking 

Your blast has limited independence from you. If your attack misses the target, it will circle around and try again on the succeeding panels, getting a test to hit on each of the attacker's panels until it either hits or the target finds some way to evade it altogether (such as causing it to hit something else).

Mind Shield: Façade

You can also project a false façade, so that any attempt to read or influence your mind perceives what you want the intruder to perceive.


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