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Origin: Transformed
Real Name: Candi Pyponte-Le Parc III
First Appearance: Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 #82 [DC Comics March 1996]
                            Character created by Tom McCraw, Mark Waid & Lee Moder


Prowess 6 {Great}
Coordination 4 {Fair}
Strength 8 {Amazing}
Intellect 4 {Fair}
Awareness 4 {Fair}
Willpower 4 {Fair}

Stamina: 12
Determination: 4


Trivia ("Pop Culture")


Damage Resistance 8 {Amazing}



. Strange appearance.
. Prejudice: resembles the Khunds.
. Motherly figure.

Points: 41


Monstress, the super-strong and invulnerable member of the Uncanny Amazers of Xanthu, was one of three members of that team who joined the Legion and others in a battle against the evil sorcerer Mordru.

During the battle, she became so impressed with the Legion’s teamwork and skills that she decided to quit the Amazers and join the Legion, and she was accepted by the Legion with little difficulty. 
Candi originally had a privileged life growing up on Xanthu. She was the daughter of a rich industrialist but she was disfigured by a gene bomb from a protester protesting her father's business. After her mutation her father wanted nothing to do with her. The bomb mutated her into a form resembling the Khunds.

Monstress was very large, with orange skin (formerly green). She maintained a high fashion sense, and frequently changed her uniform.

Upbeat, optimistic, and all-around cheery, Monstress was extremely positive.

Quoting Jabroniville: "Monstress is another CLASSIC example of the age-old problem in comics: it tends to over-sexualize female characters to the point of self-parody, but whenever someone goes out on a limb and tries to CHANGE that by making an uglier female character, the fanbase ultimately turns on it and the character fails. The problem is, men and women both want to identify with characters they're reading, but only MEN get into the whole "ugly body but still gets the girl" kind of thing. Women typically UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES want to identify with someone who's hideously deformed and monstrous, no matter how nice the character is (it's why you get a lot of "fake flaws" where a girl has a tiny imperfection instead of actually being ugly). It's part of why every Archie Comics woman is built like a supermodel, despite being teenagers written for a primarily female audience (the other part is all the artists being perverted grown men). Even I kind of hated Monstress, just from looking at her. Goofy giant monster-chick with a cloying personality. But they DID go out of their way to make her seem like a sweet, good-natured "big sister" to the team, and I have no doubt that the exact same character, done as a super-hot She-Hulk giant type, would have been a HUGE success on the Legion book. It's sexist, but that's just the way comics are. But because she was ugly, the fans HATED her (a ton of fan-based stuff except for Hero History has gone out and said she's the most-despised member of the team sometimes), and she was casually murdered by an evil Element Lad, never to reappear, being a Legion footnote. Also I don't know how she went from green to orange, short of it making her look like MORE of a Hulk rip-off." Character made according to rules presented in ICONS Great Power book. Streamlined, once again, according to ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition.


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