Crimson Avenger

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Origin: Gimmick
Real Name: Jill Carlyle
First Appearance: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #9 [DC Comics April 2000]
                            Character created by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins


Prowess 3
Coordination 5
Strength 3
Intellect 5
Awareness 5
Willpower 5

Stamina 9
Determination: 1


Weapons [Guns]


Immortality 10 
Offensive Device ["Crimson Pistols"] 9
Supersenses 2
       Additional Enhanced Sense ["Acute Blindsight"]


. Her two twin Colt pistols are cursed to turn whoever uses them for revenge into the next Crimson Avengers and can only be used by her. These guns come with certain abilities that set them apart from regular firearms and even afford mystical properties:  
  • Infinite Ammo: Never runs out of ammo. 
  • Triggerless: Has no triggers.  
  • Cannot Miss: Doesn't miss a single shot.  
  • Omni-Penetrable: Can travel through any substance, including Captain Atom's or Superman's bodies. 
  • Self-Directional: Guns have a "mind" of their own and need to be told when not to shoot allies.
. Her teleportation creates a visual side effect in the form of a crimson mist.
. Spirit of Vengeance's pawn.

Points: 80 


She does not know if she is dead or alive. She just knows vengeance. Little is known about the origins of the Crimson Avenger save that is she is from Detroit, Michigan. It is there that she purchased two 1911 Colts from a pawnshop in order to carry out some kind of vengeance. Originally owned by Lee Travis, the first Crimson Avenger, the guns are cursed, thirsting after the blood of sinners. After the new Crimson Avenger used them for the first time, the triggers disappeared, the guns grafted themselves to her very soul, and an open wound appeared on her chest... a wound that would never heal. She cannot die by conventional means, even if she takes her own life with her mystical pistols she arises for her next assignment. 

The Crimson Avenger is somehow compelled to hunt down and dispose of the murderers of innocent people - one by one. Seeing only the color red through her mask, the Avenger experiences the pain of each victim's death, and is then infused with the memories of the spirit she must avenge. Although she sees only red through her mask, she has a mental blindsight that enables her to maneuver as well as a sighted character, being also able to distinguish fine details or colours.

Once a victim is avenged, the curse's red mists take her on a new quest for justice. Her only hope of escaping this bleak future is the fact that somehow, in some way, Lee Travis freed himself from the curse of the guns.

Her Postcognition is limited to murdered victim's death only and is linked to her Teleportation. Upon gaining a new "assignment," she mentally relives the death of the victim, and then is teleported to their place of burial. Her Phasing doesn't work against her own bullets or other magical forces.She cannot use her Teleportation on command; as a Spirit of Vengeance, she is forced to teleport to her next assignment even if it disrupts her life.

A very interesting character, although called a plot device by many, the Crimson Avenger has a very powerful device at her disposal, but with a whole lot of associated challenges, which make her fun. Converted characters, most of the times, unavoidably exceeds the 45-point limitation that the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game core book recommends. Character revised according to rules presented in ICONS Great Power book.Streamlined, once again, according to ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition.


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