Colossal Boy

© DC Comics / Used without permission
Origin: Transformed
Real Name: Gim Allon
First Appearance: Action Comics #267 [DC Comics August 1960]
                            Character created by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney


Prowess 4 {Fair}
Coordination 4 {Fair}
Strength 4 / 8* (Maximum strength, fully grown) {Fair / Amazing}
Intellect 4 {Fair}
Awareness 4 {Fair}
Willpower 4 {Fair}

Stamina: 8 / 12* (Maximum growth)
Determination: 5


Law Expert
Pilot Expert


Growth 8 {Amazing} 


Legion Flight Ring


. Tries to hard to please everyone.
. Quick-thinking and innovative combatant.
. "This sounds like big trouble."

Points: 39


Gim Allon was in training to become a police officer on Mars when he was struck by a radioactive meteorite. The incident gave him the ability to increase his size and strength to massive proportions, and Gim, with his parents’ blessing, went on to join the Legion of Super-Heroes. Despite facing the trials and tribulations of being a super hero and a Legionnaire, Gim has always managed to handle himself with grace and courage.

While not in the same class as Mon-El or Ultra-Boy, he is nevertheless one of the Legion's strongest members. 

Gim is a quick-thinking and innovative combatant, and one of the Legion’s finest front-line warriors. He has a straightforward, honest nature, and he values his relationship with his family above all else. This love for his family nearly cost him his career at one point, in fact. 

Incredibly, I managed to convert a Legionnaire under the 45-point limitation of the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game core book. Character revised, according to the ICONS Great Power book. Streamlined, once again, according to ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition.


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