Light Lass

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Origin: Transformed
Real Name: Ayla Ranzz
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #308 [DC Comics May 1963]
                            Character created by Edmond Hamilton and John Forte


Prowess 4 {Fair}
Coordination 4 {Fair}
Strength 3 {Average}
Intellect 4 {Fair}
Awareness 4 {Fair}
Willpower 5 {Good}

Stamina: 7
Determination: 5


Martial Arts 


Gravity Control [Limit: Decrease Only] 9 {Fantastic}


Legion Flight Ring


. Heroic Samaritan.
. "You Guys Take This Too Seriously."
. Family Issues. 

Points: 44


Ayla Ranzz was the twin sister of a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Garth Ranzz (Lightning Lad), and the younger sister of the villainous Mekt Ranzz (Lightning Lord). While traveling from their home planet of Winath, all three siblings became stranded on the 'lightning world' of Korbal, where they were attacked by powerful creatures known as lightning beasts. Rather than being killed, the Ranzz's somehow survived the attack and gained formidable lightning powers themselves. Ayla originally joined the Legion of Super-Heroes disguised as Lightning Lad, claiming to be her brother back from the dead after his apparent death at the hands of the villain Zaryan. Ayla's impersonation of her brother was soon discovered, but she proved her worth to the team and was admitted into the Legion as Lightning Lass.

After joining the Legion, Ayla caught the eye of fellow Legionnaire Timber Wolf and the two became a regular item. But Ayla had only been a Legionnaire for a short time before new teammate Dreamer had a vision fortelling that Ayla's lightning power would eventually result in her death. To save Ayla's life, Nura used the advanced science of her homeworld of Naltor to change Ayla's power to that of gravity nullification. Ayla's new ability to make objects super-lightweight led her to shorten her code name to Light Lass and to further reflect this change she removed the lightning logos from her costume and replaced them with a feather logo on her chest. She could make massive multi-ton objects become as weightless as a feather with a simple gesture. The upper limit of her gravity nullification was unknown, though it appeared to be directly linked to her willpower and ability to concentrate. According to Brainiac 5, Light Lass and Star Boy are two of the most powerful sentient beings in the universe because of their ability to manipulate gravity, the dominant force in universe for shaping large-scale structure of stars and galaxies.

Later there was a misunderstanding when Ayla caught longtime boyfriend Timber Wolf in an intimate embrace with Ayla's own sister-in-law, Saturn Girl, while both were stranded together on a frozen asteroid. Because of this, Ayla broke up with Timber Wolf, and she soon became disillusioned with her Legion career. She decided to leave the team, but was captured and tortured by her evil brother, Lightning Lord, who had become an implacable enemy of the Legion. After beating him, Ayla re-joined the Legion once again, though she did not rekindle her romance with Timber Wolf. Instead she bonded with a female teammate, Shrinking Violet (Salu Digby), who had just been through a similar personal crisis. The two women grew so close that they entered a romantic relationship (one of the first same-sex romances in mainstream comics) that lasted until the end of the Legion's original continuity.

Light Lass may fool a casual reader as a weak character. She's not. Her greatest feat was performed when she helped save Earth by temporarily nullifying the awesome gravitational pull of a black hole. Besides, Ayla is an athletic woman who keeps herself in excellent physical condition. Her girlfriend Shrinking Violet is considered the third-best female martial artist in the Legion and has given Ayla extensive hand-to-hand combat training, making Ayla a skilled fighter even without using her powers.

Character revised according to rules presented in ICONS Great Power book. Streamlined, once again, according to ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition. Thanks to +Max Traver for his input!


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