Girl One

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Origin: Artificial
Real Name: Sung Li
First Appearance: Top 10 #02 [America's Best Comics October 1999]
                            Character created by Alan Moore and Gene Ha


Prowess 5 {Good}
Coordination 8 {Amazing}
Strength 5 {Great}
Intellect 3 {Average}
Awareness 5 {Good}
Willpower 4 {Fair}

Stamina: 9
Determination: 5




Invisibility (Limit: Extra Only) 5 {Good}


. "I'm built for this kind of action!"
. Touchy about her "secret" (nakedness).
. 10th Precinct Police Station cop. 

Points: 38


A bio-engineered woman based on a collection of video game characters, created by a small group of rich friends, Mickey Millions ("former world's richest boy") and his colleague Roy Radium ("of 'Science Lad' fame"). She is superhumanly agile and has chameleonic skin that disguises the fact she is actually naked at all times (not due to immodesty but simply for the sake of comfort). Her superior, Sargent Kemlo, being canine, doesn't see color. His failure to inform her of this causes tension between the two, which he avoids by claiming not to be attracted to humans (although this is later revealed to be false). Girl One dies in battle against Commissioner Ultima. Her successor, Girl 54, appears in the "Beyond the Farthest Precinct" mini-series, her name a reference to the cop show Car 54, Where Are You?. Her name and face were based on glamour model Sung Hi Lee. The premise for the character, a superpowered bio-engineered woman, seems to be based on the Weird Science film that presented Kelly Le Brock as the creation of two adolescent kids. The film itself is based on a comic made by EC Comics.

Giving a break from my Legion of Super Heroes endeavour, here's my attempt on depicting one of my favourite comic book authors' character. Great fun in her build: superhuman coordination level, allowing for high agility and speed! Character revised according to rules presented in ICONS Great Power book. Streamlined, once again, according to ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition.


Unlikely Lass said...

I always thought she was a reference to the weird 'robot partner' cop show subgenre,examples of which include Asimov's

Fabrício César Franco said...

Maybe she was, as well... Who knows what's inside Mr. Moore's head?

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