Legion Flight Ring

So few other pieces of equipment called such great attention unto themselves (to the point of becoming sort of a fetish for their fans) as the Legion Flight Ring. Taking from the Green Lantern rings tradition, DC Comics created another very much sought after object with this one. 


Flight 6 {Great}
Interface 2 {Poor}
       (limited to Legion Headquarters and Legion Cruiser - see below)
Life Support 8 {Amazing}
       (everything except for eating and sleeping - see below)
Telepathy 9 {Fantastic}
       (subspace radio: sending and receiving messages, not reading people's thoughts)


Although its origin varies between different incarnations of the Legion Of Super-Heroes, the Legion flight ring is usually invented in a joint effort by Brainiac 5 and Invisible Kid. Engraved with the signature "L" of the Legion of Super-Heroes, this ring is also used by students in the Legion Academy when they are in training or on field missions. Legion Flight Rings are composed of a compound known as Valorium, which is derived from the Thanagarian Nth Metal, and possesses similar anti-gravity capabilities. 

A Legion Flight Ring is controlled by mental command, and like a Green Power Ring, it can be willed for varying effects. For example, because of Dream Girl's strong will, she has used the Flight Ring to move other objects be negating the gravity around it. It's main function, however, is to allow it's wearer to fly. 

Another function of the Legion Flight Ring is to send out a distress call. If a Legionnaire rotates the "L" symbol clockwise a quarter turn, the ring will send out a distress message that will be received by other Legionnaires and the Mission Monitor Board at Legion Headquarters.

Brainiac 5 has modified the functions of a ring specific to each Legionnaire. For example, Colossal Boy's ring will enlarge with him, and Shrinking Violet's will shrink with her. Other examples of this include the Legion Flight Ring being able to "Duplicate" with Duplicate Damsel, resist temperature extremes around Sun Boy and Polar Boy and handle the increased mass of Blok. Another modification he had recently made, was to Earth-Man's Legion Flight Ring, in order to keep him on a short leash and alter his morality. 

A Legion Flight Ring is also used for security purposes. Only someone with a Legion Flight Ring is allowed to use certain equipment, including the Legion Cruiser, or entering the Legion Headquarters innermost chambers.

In certain alternate universe versions of the Legion, it has other uses as well. Environmental protection is an added benefit for the Earth-Prime Legionnaires, for example. The Earth-0 and Earth-247 Legionnaires use Legion Transuits instead.

(This post was revised, according to the ICONS Great Power book.)


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