The One

Origin: Unearthly
Real Name: Unpronounceable
First Appearance: Eidolons! Comics #1 [Sigil Publications January 2012]


Prowess 2 {Poor}
Coordination 3 {Average}
Strength 3 {Average}
Intellect 3 {Average}
Awareness 3 {Average}
Willpower 3 {Average}

Stamina 6
Determination 4


Druufon Technology
Mental Resistance Master (due to alien physiology)
Power Master (instantaneously know the new Alter Ego and its powers)


Alter Ego 3 {Average}
       Extra: Serial, Unlimited Random Alter Egos
Life Support 5 {Good}
       Eating, Toxins, Cold, Heat, Breathing


. Stranger in a strange land.
. Assuming alter egos is not under conscious control and must return to neutral stage to sleep; fatigue from exertion limits the lifespan of powered forms.
. Fails at English idioms, slangs and jargon; unaware of connotations, taking things literally.

    Point Total: 32


    Every aeon, Druufon hatchlings are urged to go beyond their anodyne dwelling-pyramids, further than the limits of their ideascape. Perhaps because they become sessile as they age, perhaps as a form of forcing the new generations to freely gather new information about the multiverse to supply the massive phrenic libraries, whence the deliberations of the Druufonian authority comes. 

    To foster this quest, each hatchling gets an exoderm, a kind of protective layer of skin that enables them to survive the hardships they would face. Aptly named ‘Omnipotent Nexus Exoderm’ – or ‘ONE’ – this techno-organic device gives its holder all which is necessary to survive beyond the confines of Druufon, adapting itself (and the holder, thus) to every new condition it meets. Also, it serves as an identity translator, giving the holder a form natives could grasp (as the holders are organisms utterly incomprehensible to anyone, but themselves) or even going unnoticed as a local. Genetically encoded to each holder, ‘ONE’ can only be taken off by the proper phrenic physicians in Druufon. (For all the practical purposes, ‘ONE’ is its Druufonian holder).

    One unassuming hatchling decided to explore a part of the multiverse rarely visited by its people: a rather remote dimension where very few alien visitations occur, due to the sheer difficulty on getting to this particular spot of reality. Undaunted, it set off the controls of the teleportation gate, but something went wrong – a miscalculation, possibly; or even the inherent difficulties on arriving on such distant quarters. Fact is, it ended up on a small blue planet, inhabited by hominids, descendants of primates, still in their early stages of development. Nevertheless, these hominids possessed, among other things, the gift of determination, the utter beauty of hope and – amazing! – some of them could even develop powers (as discovered soon, when some of the people nearby started developing powers of their own).

    Upon arriving in atom city, ‘ONE’ malfunctioned and the fine controls that would allow it to choose the optimal adapting configurations were irrevocably damaged. Its limited knowledge of the exoderm mechanism just granted it the ability to switch it on and off, assuming a new configuration (powers and abilities) each time. Communications with Druufon were severed. Language translators were defective. To make matters worse, in order to survive ONE must return to its neutral stage to rest. Fatigue from exertion also limits the lifespan of some powered forms. 

    A stranger in a strange land, ONE now tries to fit the scene. Aided by a group of sympathetic beings with superpowers (although most of them consider ONE a walking enigma), it still hopes Druufon misses its presence or even some earthling can help to restore its optimal levels (thus allowing its return to Druufon).

    First version of this character was randomly generated. Present version was point-based. slightly improved, keeping the maximum values established in the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying core book and it was revised, according to the ICONS Great Power book. Toned down and revised, once again, according to ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition. It includes the Alter Ego level clarification by +Steve Kenson.


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