What are they called?

Hello, there! I've been reading a lot of RPG sourcebooks and comics lately, to gather up resources to Eidolons! In many games the generic terms “superhuman” and “super” are used to refer to people with powers. However, that isn’t necessarily what everyone in your setting could call them. Some worlds have their own unique names for superhumans, creating a distinct feel and style to the setting. Possibilities include the following: 
  • A: Aberrants, Aces, Alphas, Angels, Avatars, Awakened.
  • B: Betas, Boosters.
  • C: Capes, Chosen.
  • D: Deltas, Deviants.
  • E: Elites, Enhanciles, Exarchs, Extraordinaries, Extra-humans.
  • F: Freaks.
  • G: Gammas, Geeks, Gene-freaks, Gifted, Godlings.
  • H: Homo Superior, Hyper-humans.
  • I: Incredibles, Inhumans, Inspired.
  • M: Marvels, Masks, Metas, Metahumans, Mutants.
  • N: Nephilim, Novas.
  • O: Omegas.
  • P: Paragons, Paranormals, Post-humans, Powers, Psis, Psions, Psychics, Psykes.
  • Q: Quantum-shifters.
  • S: Seraphim,  Specials,  Stalwarts, Superlatives, Supernaturals, Superiors.
  • T: Talents.
  • U: Übermenschen, Ultras, Unnaturals, Unusuals.
  • V: Victors, Virtus.
  • W: Wild Cards, Wonders.
Of course, this list is far from complete. I managed to gather the sobriquets most of RPGs and comic books use, but there is always room for creativity (including, mostly, the usage of the other letters of the alphabet not contemplated with an appellation). Share yours in the comments box below!


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