Origin: Birthright
Real Name: Bernhard Albrecht
First Appearance: Eidolons! Comics #1 [Sigil Publications January 2012]


Prowess 6 {Great}
Coordination 6 {Great}
Strength 6 {Great}
Intellect 6 {Great}
Awareness 6 {Great}
Willpower 6 {Great}

Stamina 12
Determination * - Villain


Athletics Expert
Martial Arts Expert
Military ("Tactics") Master
Weapons (Guns) Expert 


Blast Device ["Pistol", Shooting] 4 {Fair}
Fast Attack 6 {Great}
Immortality 2 {Poor} 


. "The world under the Aryan's reign".
. Superiority complex.
. Tactical genius. 

Points: 57


The ancient Scandinavians had a legend of an “island at the edge of the world” called Ultima Thule. By the end of the World War II, some Nazi scientists and scholars decided to flee the crumbling Germany to found a city where the ancient texts had said the Aryan culture first thrived. High above the Arctic Circle, hidden deep beneath the polar icecap, lies the fabulous city of Ultima Thule. 

Continuing their studies of eugenics, these scientists “improved” the characteristics of their gene-pool, achieving what they deem the perfect “human being”: tall, blond, blue-eyed, athletically perfect. possessing some regenerative abilities and an extremely long life (they don't seem to age and some have supercharged immune system). But with this success, came very bad news: infertility and a very malignant disease, similar to a violent cancer, killing most of the citizens, chiefly the scientists responsible for the eugenic projects. Some would say it was the hubris for tampering with the laws of nature, but the Ultima Thule government decided to quarantine the labs and stop messing with their genetical code. Most of the population of Ultima Thule is presently very much stagnant, everybody looks much the same. With a dwindling population (every citizen who dies is indeed irreplaceable), they decided to close themselves to the rest of  the planet. Some have considered a return to the outside world, but because of their shady past, most of them were afraid of repercussions. Most, but not everyone.

An individual, named Bernhard Albrecht, took the sobriquet of Ultiman, and began his journey through the world, decided to make the planet bow to his supremacy. His comrades could be too coward to show the rest of the planet the sheer power of their genetical / historical superiority, but as he learnt in the Gymnasium (where, during some practical history lessons, he acquired his Mensur scar, the one which he is particularly proud of), only the strong shall survive. He deems himself the strongest and will do what he can (and he has plans galore!) to demonstrate that (earning, all the while, the utmost respect from his own people, perhaps). Possessing his forefathers extremely biased worldview (he treats everyone else as inferior, and non-Aryans even more so) and means to try and force the world to bend to his distorted Aryan supremacy (he always has a horde of devout, albeit dim-witted, minions to help him), Ultiman is a high-level threat.

Mixing assorted influences from Fawcett's Captain Nazi to Mutants & Masterminds' Superior, Ultiman is how I envision a Nazi-themed villain. A touchy subject to many, and deserving to be so, I decided to make him a bit delusional character, but without being deranged. He's cunning and dangerous, often planning one-step ahead of his enemies. Please notice that although he wears a cape, it does not hinder him in combat, as he devised several attack and defense movements to capitalize on it. Character revised according to rules presented in ICONS Great Power book, and streamlined, once again, according to ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition.


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