Origin: Transformed
Real Name: Sebastian Pope
First Appearance: Eidolons! Comics #15 [Sigil Publications July 2015]


Prowess 2 {Poor}
Coordination 3 {Average}
Strength 3 {Average}
Intellect 7 {Incredible}
Awareness 7 {Incredible}
Willpower 7 {Incredible}

Stamina: 10
Determination: * - Villain


Business Master
Law Master
Mental Resistance
Technology Master


Aging Resistance [Limit: Linked to Energy Drain] 9 {Fantastic}
Energy Drain [Limits: Addicted to his powers] 9 {Fantastic}
      Ability Drain [Intellect]
      Ability Drain [Awareness]
      Ability Drain [Willpower]
Life Support 1 {Weak}


. Sore Loser.
. Filthy rich.
. Envious of other ultras jovial physicality. 

Points: 94


Imagine you could have the genius of Da Vinci, of Archimedes, of Leibniz, of Shakespeare. More: imagine you could, just by touching someone else, take their intelligence, their wits, their will as yours. Sebastian Pope got that. A librarian in what is today's Elsewhere Metroplex University Campus, Pope was a man in his late sixties who, for a split second, shared the same dimensional coordinates with nearly all his multiversal selves, when Elsewhere came to being. One in a billion occurrence, Pope now was almost all he could be. Almost.

He soon discovered that, besides having now a superhuman intellect (cognitive abilties honed into extraordinary focus, he is able to concentrate on several lines of thought simultaneously, and even carry on a conversation while doing so), keen perception and iron will, he could incorporate anyone's mental attributes to his. He was also able to speak telepathically to his victims and, usually, control them, until they fully recover from his attacks. Wasting no time, he started using his powers to get rich. In a week, he was one of the thirty richest men in the world, the richest in Elsewhere. In a short while, he became a business tycoon, an unparallel lawyer (savvy in all areas of Law) and knowledgeable user of various forms of advanced technology.  Combined with his reduced need for sleep (rarely sleeping more than two hours a night), he is more productive in one day than an ordinary person would be in a month. Frustatingly, though, he wasn't satisfied with his physical attributes, because he was, in his own words, "caged in an old body". However, his powers granted him an extreme delayed aging process.

Not satisfied with his condition, as soon as he established his financial empire, he started a quest to discover how he could get younger again. It hasn't proved impossible, so all he had to do is finding out how to achieve that. Being Elsewhere a crossroad of possibilities, and full of ultrahumans like him (possibly with some chronal powers), Sebastian Pope spares no effort in getting whatever he wants. And although it doesn't happen often, when he loses, he tends to take it out on everyone around him. Additionally, he also becomes obsessed with the person he lost to until he gets a rematch and wins.

Sebastian Pope's thirst for knowledge ensures that no realm of human study is long neglected. His experience and keen intellect make him a formidable opponent. Given sufficient information, he is capable of predicting and preparing for nearly any eventuality. His resources and his influence are both virtually unlimited.

Another villain without a costume. I guess it's because wickedness mostly comes in normal clothes. Adversary is a very powerful villain, and his points show that. My take on types like Kingpin, with a twist: envy is his driving force. Character created according to rules presented in ICONS Great Power book and ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition.


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