Origin: Transformed
Real Name: Redford Cross
First Appearance: Eidolons! Comics #12 [Sigil Publications December 2012]


Prowess 3 {Average}
Coordination 4 {Fair}
Strength 4 {Fair}
Intellect 4 {Fair}
Awareness 4 {Fair}
Willpower 4 {Fair}

Stamina 8
Determination 1


Medicine Expert


Healing 10 {Supreme}
      Resistance (Biological Attacks)


. "Let me help you!"
. Epithet: Doctor Red Cross.
. A bit too chivalrous, trying to help the hurt and the sick, even endangering himself.

Points: 75


Since his great-grandfather was saved by personnel from the Red Cross Society, Redford Cross's family devoted themselves to pay it back, with funds and personnel, to that organization. His grandfather and another six uncles served in several wars, all doctors, as well as his father, Redmond Cross, also famous for having created several medical patents. Redford knew no other life but growing up talking about medical conditions, treatment options, and medicine in wartime. When he graduated from a well-established University, there was no other option than enlist himself and save some brave soldiers. Or so it seemed.

When he was caught in the crossfire involving three rival factions in Sudan, his squad was almost completely wiped out. Rescued by some miracle, his almost lifeless body was brought back to the camp and soon sent back to his family. As soon as he arrived, his father's staff started the risky procedure which would save his life - and change it, at the very same time.

Using some very prototypical and hazardous techniques, they injected in Redford nanobots, which, theoretically would heal his wounds. The process was more than successful, it created an enhancile. Nobody knows if it was because of his genetic configuration or the procedures themselves (Redford studies it in his spare time), but one thing was for sure: Redford Cross now was more than cured, he could cure others, like he has never been able to do before.

His understanding of the living body is both intuitive and prepositional – that is, he needs not rationalize to understand what he is seeing, although he’s a skilled physician (he possesses sophisticated understanding of human anatomy, physiology and biology). Additionally, he has gained the ability to mess with the body functions of others. This can cause exceedingly nasty effects, and even death in some cases. He can cause or alleviate pain or severe damage, as well as painful boils and welts to appear on the flesh of his enemies. His most formidable power is the potent ability that allows him to greatly accelerate the rate of healing in other people (and himself) and to purge their body of various diseases and ailments. This ability requires him to have direct contact with those he wishes to heal.

He also has immunity to most diseases, and can pick them up and spread them in novel ways – making mononucleosis an air-borne disease, for instance – and can speed up or slow down the effects of diseases in others. Symptoms may crop up right away if he is around.

The side effect of the nanobots in his body is that his skin is chalk-white, while his hair and eyes turned blood red. He decided to pay homage to the Society to which his family devoted so much and had the nanobots to draw a red cross in his chest.

A character aimed to be a team player most of the times, Doctor Red Cross had higher rolled numbers, but they were trimmed down to suit the concept. Character created according to rules presented in ICONS Great Power book and ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition.


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