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Origin: Artificial
Real Name: Inapplicable
First Appearance: Superman (second series) #5 [DC Comics May 1987]
                            Character created by John Byrne


Prowess 3 {Average}
Coordination 2 {Poor}
Strength 8 {Amazing}
Intellect 6 {Great}
Awareness 5 {Good}
Willpower 6 {Great}

Stamina: 14
Determination: * - Villain


Trivia (H'vl'ler'ni History) Expert


Blast [Laser] 6 {Great}
Damage Resistance 8 {Amazing}
Flight 5 {Good}
Growth [Limit: Permanent] 3 {Average}
Life Support [All] 10 {Supreme}


. Last survivors of H'v'ler'ni race.
. Power geometrically increases according to the number of minds it holds.
. World domination. 

Points: 65


Five hundred thousand years ago, the city state of A'r'ven stood in a mountainous region of what is now South America. A'r'ven was the home of the H'v'ler'ni, a race of beings who had created a highly advanced civilization while the rest of humanity remained at a primitive level. The origin of the H'v'ler'ni and the reason why they advanced culturally so much more quickly than Earth's other human beings are as yet unknown.

In at least some areas, H'v'ler'n science and technology were advanced beyond the levels that exist on Earth today. The Science Council, comprising the leading H'v'ler'n scientists, held great authority in A'r'ven. The H'v'ler'ni kept primitive human beings as slaves.

The H'v'ler'ni were remarkable for their superb physical condition. However, remaining in their city state amidst the rarefied air of the Andes Mountains, the H'v'ler'ni were isolated from the rest of the world. This isolation would prove to be their downfall.

The H'v'ler'ni thrived for ten centuries, but then were suddenly struck by a terrible plague. Within days, forty thousand H'v'ler'n died from the disease. During the past ten centuries the bodies of the H'v'ler'ni had been free of disease-carrying micro-organisms due to their city's isolation. But now, as the Science Council discovered, the H'v'ler'ni had been infected by germs carried by their primitive slaves. The slaves had an immunity to the germs, but the H'v'ler'ni did not. The H'v'ler'ni slaughtered all the slaves, but did so too late to safeguard the surviving H'v'ler'ni as long as they lived on Earth.

Hence, the Science Council decided that the H'v'ler'ni should leave Earth to avoid further infection. Twenty million of the race did so, existing in suspended animation as they journeyed in a great spacecraft. The fate of these H'v'ler'ni is as yet unknown.

But five hundred H'v'ler'ni remained on Earth. They transferred their minds into a gigantic robot body, known as Host, which would monitor the cultural development of other humans. When the latter achieved a level of technology approaching that of the H'v'ler'ni, then the H'v'ler'n minds inside the Host would take over the bodies of living humans who were naturally immune to many disease germs. The H'v'ler'ni would then take over the world.

Converted characters, most of the times, unavoidably exceeds the 45-point limitation that the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game core book recommends. Character revised according to rules presented in ICONS Great Power book. Streamlined, once again, according to ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition.


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