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Origin: Transformed
Real Name: Tharok
First Appearance: Adventure Comics # 352 [DC Comics January 1967]
                            Character created by Jim Shooter


Prowess 4 {Fair}
Coordination 4 {Fair}
Strength 3 / 7 (Strength with the left side of his body only) {Average/Incredible}
Intellect 7 {Incredible}
Awareness 6 {Great}
Willpower 6 {Great}

Stamina: 13
Determination: * - Villain


Mental Resistance
Science Master
Technology Expert


Blast (Laser Vision) 4
Interface 5
Mind Shield 6


. Eidetic Memory (Perfect recalls everything he's experienced)
. Always a Plan B
. Cyborg: effects that work on machines can affect him as well. 

Points: 56


Tharok was a criminal on his native planet of Zadron. During one of his crime activities, he tried to steal a nuclear device that detonated when he was caught by an officer of the Science Police. Unfortunately for Tharok, that officer shot a blast which caused the detonation and it destroyed the complete left side of his body. Miraculously, Tharok remained alive and he was rushed to the nearest medical center. The doctors and scientists there quickly replaced his missing left side with a robotic component. The procedure was rushed because they feared they would lose Tharok's life. When Tharok revived, he found himself significantly smarter, thanks to his half-robotic brain. Unfortunately, the life-saving procedure also caused Tharok to look like a monster and his appearance gave him nothing but anguish.

Tharok continued in his life of crime, though significantly more successful thanks to his robotic components and new-found intelligence. However, he was eventually caught by some officers of the Science Police and was about to head to prison when Cosmic Boy of the Legion Of Super-Heroes arrived with a full pardon if he joined him in defeating a galactic menace known as the Sun-Eater. The Legion of Super-Heroes were forced to find the aid of four other super-criminals with enough power to defeat the Sun-Eater. The five criminals, with Tharok as their leader, became known as the Fatal Five.

The Fatal Five and the Legion of Super-Heroes effectively defeated the Sun-Eater. While they received their pardon for past crimes, the Fatal Five felt that their group was powerful enough to rule the galaxy. Somehow Tharok's robotic mind was able to control the powerful Validus, which cemented his leadership with his fellow criminals. They've fought against the Legion of Super-Heroes several times when they tried to gain control of the universe, and Tharok often found defeat at their hands. Besides being obsessed with ruling the galaxy, Tharok also became obsessed with making the left side of his body more human-like.

Converted characters, most of the times, unavoidably exceeds the 45-point limitation that the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game core book recommends. Character revised according to rules presented in ICONS Great Power book. Streamlined, once again, according to ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition.


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