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Origin: Unearthly
Real Name: Zoë Saugin
First Appearance: Legion of Super Heroes (vol.4) #66 [DC Comics March 1995]
                            Character created by Tom McCraw, Mark Waid and Lee Moder


Prowess 3 {Average}
Coordination 3 {Average}
Strength 3 {Average}
Intellect 4 {Fair}
Awareness 4 {Fair}
Willpower 5 {Good}

Stamina: 8
Determination: 4


Power (Animation)
Science (Archaeology)
Trivia (Fashion)


Servant ["Animation" (Limit: Source)] 9 {Fantastic}



. Power-hungry, but for unselfish purposes.
. Short Attention Span.
. Curiosity killed the cat.

Points: 53


There is no shortage of power-hungry people in the universe. But few desire power for unselfish purposes. Fortunately, Zoë Saugin is one such seeker.

She first quested for power when her archaeologist mother fell ill, in order to heal her. She found it in the Moon of Kol, an artifact that her mother had once unearthed. From then on, she found that magical objects lent her the power to animate unliving objects, an ability that her mother has found useful on countless occasions, sparing her the tedium of digging for her artifacts, and which had been brought about by her mother's own use of a mystical object to heal the dying witch Mysa.

But Zoë was aware of a greater need for help, of suffering beyond her immediate family that needed to be alleviated. To this end, she constantly sought more objects of magical power. This search continued even after her home planet's ruling council drafted her to represent it in the Legion of Super-Heroes as Kinetix. On one such foray, she took along Shrinking Violet, who she adopted as her best friend upon joining the Legion, and the two of them found the Star of Akkos, an object which, contrary to Zoë's desires, drained her power rather than increased it, part of a plan by Mysa to enlist Kinetix in her service. Since the political implications of removing someone from the Legion would be disastrous, Legion leader Cosmic Boy sent her on temporary leave while she looked for new powers, also as Mysa had planned.

Her search was nearly the end of her when the White Triangle Daxamites began destroying stargates, one of which she was supposed to use to reach her destination... but she found a planet to land on and was rescued by Mysa, who did not reveal to her their previous connection. Mysa trained her in magic and attuned her body to a magical artifact called the Emerald Eye, for which she wished Kinetix to search. When the training period was completed, Mysa transformed Zoë's body into that of a mystical creature, with pointed ears and a tail, and sent her off to search for the Eye. The search has brought her back into contact with her fellow Legionnaires, since Shrinking Violet (unbeknownst to all) possessed the Eye (or perhaps vice versa), a fact that was horrifically revealed to her some time later. While the entire Legion was in possession of the Eye, Kinetix attempted to take control of it herself, but was unable to break its strong link to Violet, and ended up drained of energy.

She was restored to vitality when the Eye sent a number of Legionnaires and others to the twentieth century, but her failure to capture the Eye has since came to Mysa's attention, and Mysa teleported her, her family and some other Legionnaires to Zarrox to punish her. Thanks to Zoë's mother, the connection between them was revealed, and, finally acknowledging the debt she owed her, Mysa restored Zoë to the way she was prior to their first meeting. Mysa still had her eye on Zoë, though, and it was to Zoë she turned to enlist the Legion's aid in fighting Mordru, a foe the Legion was already committed to dealing with.

One of the most modern Legion of Super Heroes recruits, Zoë has been pegged by many readers as a post-Zero Hour version of Life Lass, a fairly minor character who was one of the Heroes of Lallor before the Reboot. Plus, her name ("Zoë") means 'life'. Quislet, a character which I simply abhor, had  somewhat a similar power set, but it was very incongruously written. Converted characters, most of the times, unavoidably exceeds the 45-point limitation that the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game core book recommends. Character revised according to rules presented in ICONS Great Power book. Streamlined, once again, according to ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition.


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